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Two-Sided Custom Dog ID Tags
Small Tags $16.95 & Large Tags $18.95

Choose your favorite color and customize your dog ID tag. These two-sided dog tags come in two sizes, small (7/8 inch diameter) and large (1 1/4 inch diameter) which you can choose when you customize your tag. I recommend the small tags for cats and toy dogs and the large tags for small to large size dogs. These tags are 100% recycled steel that are guaranteed to last. These tags come with their own small split ring to hang from the collar.

Two Sided Dog ID Tag Eight Ball Two Sided Dog ID Tag Free Kisses Two Sided Dog ID Tag

Monogram Two Sided Dog ID Tag 2-side dog tag scratch my butt squirrel patrol 2 side dog id tag

Sexy Beast Two Sided Dog ID Tag Got Treats Two Sided Custom Dog ID Tag Spoiled

Need Help with a Design?
If you have a longer or shorter than average name or have a question about customizing your dog's tag, PLEASE contact me using the contact link or by email at [email protected].   I'm always happy to help, just give me 24 hours to reply.   Be sure to check out how to customize the dog tag below for more information.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed
All custom designed tags, collars and leashes are ordered directly through Zazzle.  At Zazzle they want you to love your creation, so, if you are not satisfied for any reason  with the final product, you may return your purchase for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt. They print your order on demand and ship it out right away.   For more about Zazzle, click here.

Zazzle Free Shipping Trial
Did you know that Zazzle offers a 30 day free trial for free shipping...that means when you checkout, you sign-up for the Zazzle Black Standard free trial offer and then cancel before your 30 day free trial period ends, and you will get free shipping on your purchase.   If you do not cancel, after 30 days they will charge you $9.95 annually and you will have free shipping for the entire year (which is a great deal if you plan on ordering more from Zazzle).  For more about Zazzle's free shipping offer, click here.

Make Sure Your Pet Wears a Pet ID Tag
It doesn't matter where you purchase your pet's ID tag, please just make sure your pet wears one. I have found my share of dogs roaming without any sort of ID and it just drastically decreases a dog's chances of getting back home. I always make sure my dogs wear tags, especially since I let them run at the park and one is an escape artist. I designed the first two tags for my own dogs and love them, and the rest, well there here for you to see.

How to Customize
It is easy to customize your pet's ID tag and see exactly what it looks like before you purchase. Under the "Edit this design template" section you will see the text fields to customize and simply change the default text to your own (be sure to click "more" to see ALL the text fields as shown in the example below). After changing all text fields you will see your tag in the preview area just as it will look when you purchase. It is important to preview the front and the back of your tag prior to purchasing to make sure it is exactly as you want it.

how to customize dog id tag

Example below showing preview of the back of tag.

previewing back of dog id tag prior to purchase

Once you have proofed the front and back of the tag and all looks good, you can click the "add to cart button" and checkout. These tags are purchased direct through Zazzle which is safe and secure. Be sure to check the coupons first as they always have offers running and you may be able to use a code at checkout to save! click here to check coupons.

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