Picture of The Week

Pic of the Week

Squirrel - It Doesn't Get Any Better

"Life Doesn't Get Any Better"
I feed these little guys peanuts...the first time I had seen one lay down like this I thought something was wrong...but now I know better, this little guy is laying down eating a peanut!
My place to go for beauty, peace, nature, exercise & get recharged. What makes it special: a 20 mile stretch you can drive with backwoods trails all over. It borders alongside a couple expressways for which there is access to trails alongside of them. An incredibly beautiful place all year long.
Hines Park Water Tunnels, Michigan
My favorite place
Hines Park Plymouth Rd Overpass August 2021
Plymouth overpass - love to go running here

Wild Turkeys at Hines
Hines Park Wild Turkeys

Little Baby Deer, Hines Park
Little baby deer out when the park flooded
Hines Park Rest-Stop August 2021
Cutest little rest-stop in Hines

Great Egret, Hines Park, MI
A great egret by Wilcox Lake in Hines
Wilcox Lake, Hines Park, MI
Wilcox Lake on a beautiful day in Sep

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