What is Creativity

So What is Creativity?
I've recently have thought a whole lot about the subject of creativity, and without really being aware of it, most of my life I have been utterly fascinated by creative people and creative processes. I've always known that creativity flows from within me, but it is only recently that I have been enlightened to ideas surrounding this subject. Somewhere I read a quote that stated to know others is wisdom, to know yourself is enlightenment, and I believe that to be the ultimate truth...in fact, it is the truth that sets you free, so to speak. I have been very artistically creative my whole life, and unfortunately as a child, I felt very misunderstood by my parents who saw little use for it in the real world, and their views unfortunately shaped my views. But obviously since I am now using my artistic talents in a major way something indeed has changed within.

All of us Create
I'd like to point out that most people have a notion that creativity is some purely artistic endeavor like art or music, but that is just not the case. If you stop and really ponder for just a moment, you will understand that we all create our lives...you create your appearance, your wardrobe, your home, family, occupation, businesses, habits, social circle, relationships, thoughts, happiness and everything else about you...and more fascinating than that is that you can change any of it at any time to create something new, although some people choose to give their creative power away and believe they don't have the ability to make different choices. I believe the notion that we are made in the image of G-d truly means that we have the power to create, for we really create our experiences and our lives in a way no other living being can do.

Life Changing Moment
What truly opened my mind about life and creativity was a purely transforming experience. My mother passed away from cancer not long ago and nothing really was changed by the fact that she had passed on as much as what happened when she passed on. You see I had what I can only describe as a dream - I don't know what else to call it. She appeared walking out above me in a robe looking great but never said a word, and behind her was my dog joyously prancing (a dog who had passed on about three years prior and a dog for which she always told me that I had loved more than anything else in this world). I was awakened in the middle of this "dream" by a phone call from the hospital informing me that my mom had just passed away, and I will tell you without hesitation that it blew my mind to realize that somehow my mother had connected with me after departing this physical world. In that moment I knew we are so much more than we realize and that there is a whole lot more about life going on than this day-to-day stuff. From that moment on I have never viewed life in the same way.

Creativity is An Energy that Flows
The greatest understanding of creativity comes to me through music as I also happen to play. I think it is more readily seen and felt as a form of energy in performing since we don't readily watch artists paint or draw when they get "in the flow". Truly all that is imagined and created does not come from within the physical brain but flows to us as we are connected to our higher or divine self. How it flows from us is our own unique way of expressing it into the physical world, whether we're artists, musicians, singers, actors, writers, gardeners, chefs, or whatever talents we were given to share in this life. It's funny, but I've heard more than one instance of when musicians are blocked creatively they often turn to painting, and it works like that with music for me - I've often come to the realization that it is the same thing being expressed just in a different form. When Einstein passed on his brain was literally taken for study - no surprise they did not find any difference in his physical brain, for as the story goes he was given insights by his dreams and he had to study to understand and interpret what it was that he had been shown. Countless inventors and musicians have also claimed that ideas and information just flowed to them. I am often asked where I get my ideas for my art and design, and I can honestly say my best work often comes to me just after I wake up in the morning as just a flash of a concept I see in my mind, and when that happens, I sit down and work on it right away as often times it can disappear as quickly as it arrives. I also get the same flash of a concept when I am at the park absorbed in nature with my dogs and not thinking at all about anything in particular. I do know for me the more time I spend in creative endeavors, the more creativity flows from me.

In what Ways Are You Creative?
Do you consider yourself a creative person? We all are. Each of us are given unique talents to bring forth into the world. I would love to hear your experiences and ideas on creativity...

Please Share Your Comments or Experience

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