J u l i e  A l v a r e zD E S I G N S: Digital Sketches

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Digital Sketches

Digital Sketchbook

As if there isn't enough to see around here, just some digital sketches,
doodles and concepts drawn right into the computer...

Why I Call It My Digital Sketchbook

For those who don't happen to dabble in drawing or painting, these days creating artwork for digital media can be done by drawing directly into your computer. The picture on the left is the "tablet" I use along with some software programs (my favorite is Corel Photo Paint & Adobe Photoshop) to draw and sketch work directly into the computer. It is not the same as drawing on paper or painting on canvas, but once you get used to drawing with it you can create your art and design digitally. The graphics programs have "brushes" and by adjusting the settings of the those brushes, you can get some great effects.

Creating Art the Digital Way
While digitally drawing and painting is a great way to create art for online or digital media, I don't know of any artist who still wouldn't prefer the real thing. If you're anything like me when it comes to art, I love the feel of different water color papers, tubes of beautiful colors and the effects achieved with a brush, graphite, pastels or pen and ink...but, I've also found that I do draw more right into the computer as it's handy and you need no supplies. If I have an idea or something I want to sketch, I can sketch it and save it quickly, no running out of materials, paint, etc. The sketches above are all drawn directly into the computer and are just a combination of ideas, doodles, experiements, something I've seen and want to capture or even part of the creative process of ideas for coming up with ideas for cards or invitations and other items.

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