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You've found my little shop of designs. Please stay and browse my collection or see what I've been working on. I use Zazzle to publish my designs as they have the highest quality products and great customer service. New to Zazzle?

2015 Graduation Invitations

Graduations are an important achievement no matter how old we are. I love to design for graduation and every year I spend time updating the designs everyone loves like the diploma invitation and unleashing my creativity on new designs. Whether you're looking for something fun or formal, please visit my graduation invitations shop. I've also included some of the best designs from other great designers at Zazzle. All invitations are easily customizable and ordered directly online.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Business Card

Everyone needs a great business card no matter the size of the business. I like to design business cards for the small business owner and here is one of my designs for those in the lawn care or landscaping business.

In Loving Memory - Memorial Thank You Card

I have a special passion in creating cards and memorial gifts for those that we have loved and lost. This is a two-sided card for those sending a thank you and features a wonderful memorial on the front customized with your photo and a lovely poem. The poem on the front (which you can change) is: Time cannot steal the treasures that we carry in our hearts, nor ever dim the shining thoughts our cherished past imparts. For the memories of the ones we loved still cast a gentle glow, to grace our days and light our paths, wherever we may go.

Get Your Best Friend a Stylish Custom Dog ID Tag that Lasts

I started designing these tags after I went on a search to find a quality tag that would last. When I brought Jake home from the shelter he turned out to have some extraordinary canine talents as an escape artist. He can open the gate, scale six foot fences with ease (he even climbed back in once) and can hop a four foot fence without touching it. Needless to say his tag got him back safe because it had the address on it and was clear and easy to read.
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